How does DMIT/IPAT works ?

After doing a vast research and discussions with parents, Kidzopedia specified its working model which helps parents in knowing the root at which their child can build his/ her career. From identifying the parents' problem in knowing their child to taking them through the right procedure for a positive result, Kidzopedia works hard to develop social and cognitive status of children.

Know your child's hidden talent: If you are a parent and facing difficulty in identifying your child's inborn potential then it is a clear sign that your child needs an Inborn Potential Assessment Test. IPAT is one of the most reliable tests which help parents make decisions on parenting and learning styles of their child at an unbelievably early age.

Apply for DMIT/IPAT: Kidzopedia proves to be one of the most affordable and responsible DMIT/IPAT experts in India. We provide convenient DMIT/IPAT service for your child at your door step anywhere in Delhi/ NCR. Give us a call or simply apply for DMIT/IPAT from our website to call our executive at your place to take your child's fingerprints.

Know the result: Kidzopedia provides an elaborated evaluation report. This report consists of all the analysis done with fingerprints along with the in-depth study of inborn skills, hidden talents, strengths and weaknesses. Our team of experts provides counseling post IPAT which assists in taking decisions which are highly influential in both professional and personal lives.

Basic know- how

  • Age Eligibility:
    Above 2 years
  • Where:
    At your door step
  • Time duration:
    10 mins (For taking fingerprints)
  • Evaluation Report:
    Within 5- 7 working days
  • Report Analysis and counseling:
    Telephonic and one- on- one counseling as per the parents' requirement