How Kidzopedia works

After doing vast research and discussions with parents, Kidzopedia specified its working model which helps parents in searching the best after school learning courses and academies in their nearby area. From identifying the child’s inborn potential through DMIT/IPAT to taking a step further towards his / her upliftment, Kidzopedia plays a vital role in bringing a positive result and developing their social and cognitive status.

Recognize your child’s favorite activity/ subject

When you see your child is not scoring high in traditional subjects, it’s time for you to take a step towards knowing your child’s favorite activity and start working on it. Kidzopedia is one of a kind online platform which helps you identify the best after school learning courses and academies to broaden the spirit of your child in his / her favorite skills. It saves you from the hustle - bustle right from finding the reliable academy, choosing the relevant course to booking it for your child.

Identify the reliable academy

Once you have identified the right course or activity for your child, it’s time to log on to our website and look for the most reliable after school academies near your area. Based on your requirements, you can filter your search criteria with a specific area and course. At Kidzopedia, you can see only the reliable academies to provide a consistent learning which also develops your child’s personality by making him more confident and diligent. You can also talk to our representative for seeking any assistance regarding the academy / course.

Make your child a genius

Decide on the relevant course / academy and book a seat for your child online through Kidzopedia’s safe online payment. Your child’s professional story doesn’t ends here. Kidzopedia keeps you updated on the events, seminars and workshops related with extra - curricular activities happening near your area. It is always believed that majority of child's learning happens outside the traditional classroom and Kidzopedia makes it easy for parents to help their children learn better according to their learning style.