Are you struggling with identifying and deciding the right path for your child ?

Here we come with a unique fingerprint analysis –
"Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test"
"Inborn Potential Assessment Test"

to discover your child's hidden capabilities.

It is seen that parents often struggle in making the right choice of activities, subjects and career for their children and push them hard in scoring top grades and achievements. Kidzopedia truly understands the proliferation of helping parents explore their child's inborn potential and skills at right time. Hence, we have come up with an internationally successful fingerprint analysis - Inborn Potential Assessment Test which reveals child's inherent qualities and talent.

What is DMIT/IPAT?

DMIT/IPAT is a scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on fingers which remain the same during lifetime until the complete decomposition of body takes place. Not just the IQ, DMIT/IPAT also studies other important quotients such as EQ, AQ and CQ which are equally necessary to understand the actual learning styles, sensitivity, behavior and work pattern of the child. While preparing the child to take on the future, it is essential for parents to know the right approach in the upbringing of him/ her.

Dermatoglyphics (It is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns – Invented by Dr. Harold Cummins) Multiple Intelligence (It is a scientific study of brain lobes and its usage – Invented by Dr. Howard Gardner) test has been scientifically proven to accurately reveal the strengths, weaknesses and hidden talents of the individual. This helps the parents in indentifying and choosing the right approach in discovering a genius in their own child. DMIT/IPAT is also recommended to students, working personnel, parents or teachers to know each ones capabilities to compete better in this professional world.

Toddlers and Children

  • Visual, auditory and sensory development
  • Identify learning styles
  • Identify inborn capabilities

Adolescents and Youth

  • Selection of subject or stream
  • Differentiate between interest and intelligence
  • Guideline to secure career


  • Identify professional skills
  • Improvement guide to kick start to success
  • Personality development

When you get DMIT/IPAT done for your child or for yourself, Kidzopedia provides an elaborated evaluation report. This report consists of all the analysis done with your fingerprints along with the in-depth study of your inborn skills, hidden talents, strengths and weaknesses. Our team of experts provides counseling post DMIT/IPAT which assists in taking decisions which are highly influential in both professional and personal lives.

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