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Age Group:8-20 Years
Class Size: 15

Gymnastics Stars Club’ as the name suggests... .

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Age Group:5-20 Years
Class Size: 20

A place of the most enriched and advanced styles... .

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Age Group:2-6 Years
Class Size: 15

RISEKIDS combines the best research and practice... .

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Age Group:6-20 Years
Class Size: 6

Arohi Academy is one of the best music academy in... .

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Age Group:5-15 Years
Class Size: 5

Thomas Kids International: Art & Craft... .

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Age Group:3-5 Years
Class Size: 5

PhonicKidz is one of the best english learning... .

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  • Sanjeev,

    I am from Patna and by profession i am freelancer. I have been very much surprised with the results of DMIT test. It actually helps and guides a person to make right decision in his/her life. Highly recommendation for Parent for their kids!!

  • Abhilasha,

    <p>My son is a keen mathematician and we were lucky to have him introduced to ACTIVE LEARNING (ABACUS) through KIDZOPEDIA. That too very near to our house. Kidzopedia is one stop solutions for kids activities.</p>

  • Mr. Daljeet Singh ,

    Daljeet Rana, Principal of Divine International School
    Understood the true meaning of "You need to see it to believe it", we got test done for few students of our school and were amazed with results. This report is precise and accurate

  • Meenu,

    I have been very much surprised with the result of IPAT test. It actually helps and guides person to make right decisions in his/her life.

  • Arjuna Singh Negi,

    The fingerprint analysis test tells us about our son's special skills. We have learned how to teach him and how we can help him learn. I want to thank kidzopedia for this concept.